We are no strangers to failure. And for a long time we allowed failure to define and defeat us. It took us up until more recently to realize that failure is not a negative thing nor a dead end. If we allow it, failure can be a teacher – an opportunity to learn and grow. We can build upon failure and allow it to be part of the process to success.

One of the questions we ask at home with our kids is, ‘how did you fail today?’ We want them to know there is permission to fail and room to struggle. As parents, we hope to raise future adults with depth and wisdom, not adults that are shallow and needy. It’s challenging as a parent to let your children fail.

On the flip side, our kids know we sometimes fail as parents. It hurts to admit that we often fail our kids, but it’s true. We don’t have this parenting thing all figured out and we are learning as we go, but when we allow there to be grace, there’s room to grow. Failure is humbling and gives us a healthy perspective. It fosters empathy and compassion to those around us.

So let’s cheer each other on. We are all in this together. Instead of celebrating when someone we are in competition with fails, let’s help each other up. There’s enough room for everyone to succeed. And just in case no one has ever told you, it’s ok to fail.