Change the Narrative

We all live different lives and experiences. Through our different daily events, we try to come together amongst our differences to connect and celebrate each other.

Often times its meaningless banter about politics, sports, parenting or our recent weekend trip we took. We share our stories over cups of coffee or pints of beer, trying to relieve the pressure that comes with simply living.

It would seem that storytelling is a fundamental part of our friendships. But not all of us have stories that are able to lift each other up, bring hope and encouragement to our friends and family. We all know a good storyteller when we hear one. Some are just gifted with it, but for guys like me, it’s a skill I’m trying to learn.

This got me thinking about what I’ve been doing.

For a few years now, I’ve been telling this crazy story to new and eager listeners about my time in Pakistan delivering water filters to a community devastated by a catastrophic flood. But it wasn’t until a couple nights ago when I was at a party meeting new people that I realized, as crazy as parts of the experience was for me, I wasn’t ending my story with a hopeful and positive conclusion.

The next morning it struck me, have all my stories been told behind the shock of unusual and extreme events rather than the actual purpose of why I was there? And why haven’t I talked about what we did for the communities that we visited and talk about the new friends we made while sitting in their homes, eating their food?

I don’t see myself as some shock and awe person, but instead of someone who should be known for making a difference… but can anyone name the differences that I’ve actually gone and made and why?

After traveling to over 15 countries doing non-profit associated work for many different causes and NGO’s, visiting some of the most broken and remote communities in our modern world, I realize that I’ve been telling the wrong stories and need to CHANGE THE NARRATIVE.

I want to be able to harness the skill of story telling so I can truly inspire those around me to action and compassion for others. So join me and let’s change the narrative to be voices of hope and optimism.