A Dance Between Grief and Joy

Life is full of hardship and pain and if we let it, easily turn us into cynics. There can be such sorrow about life’s fragility but there’s also such profound beauty. A dance between tombstones and births, winters and springs, grief and joy, breaking and healing, faith and doubt, lungs inhaling and exhaling.

There’s a recurring theme in life of a giving and receiving. They are inseparable, one can’t exist without the other. If you allow yourself to ponder this, you will start to see the picture as a whole. It’s like one of those paintings that are made up of thousands of dots. Up close, the piece is unrecognizable, messy and random, but step away, and you’re able to see those chaotic dots form a beautiful masterpiece.

So don’t let the dark days deceive you. Allow your brokenness to foster compassion and hopeful resilience. God talks about using the weak because who can relate to someone perfect? God is not void of the sadness. What is joy without knowing sorrow? What is life without knowing death? What is light without the shadows? We are given both and have the opportunity to step into the mess and create a better way, not just complain and blame everything on it.

The future is hopeful, optimistic and bright despite what the skeptics say because you and I are going to make it that way.