Our first stop – Iceland!

Iceland. A land that fosters deep introspection and endless wonder. It’s no surprise so many of our favorite musicians hale from here. We knew Iceland was going to be beautiful but we were in for a surprise with just how magical our days would become, everything from chasing waterfalls all night long because the sun never sets to joining the locals chant like vikings in the town square to cheer for their team in the World Cup. Three days in Iceland is not nearly enough time to discover this magical island. Who knows, maybe next time we can plan to see the northern lights!

Why you should visit Iceland according to Leilana:

What we learned from our time in Iceland:


It is really expensive but has awesome waterfalls!


Iceland has unique and different playgrounds that are more fun for kids. I really liked the zip lines.


At first I was bit surprised by the general air of disdain from the locals. I wasn’t sure if they were upset or maybe annoyed with all the tourists (there are a lot) but after engaging in some conversations I realized it’s just part of their culture. I even started to notice that in the local adverts the models looked so stoic and serious. So I guess the more serious you look, the better. I tried on the very serious look and to my surprise many locals thought I was Icelandic.

Something that I came to appreciate after our few days in the vast beautiful scenery was the ease to become introspective. I really enjoyed the feeling of being able to explore for miles with no one around. There was space to find solitude even in the city. I was reminded of the importance of making time where I’m alone with my thoughts without the influence of a device, wifi or other people. To just be.

Something I didn’t necessarily learn but discovered, was a new (to me) musician. Check out Junius Meyvant. I especially like his songs ’Signals’ and ‘Hailslide’.


There are not many places left in the world where you have a lifestyle centered around being alone and free from others expecting so much. Iceland seems like that place to me, where people choose to be alone quite often and that’s ok. You can be yourself and have time to understand the inner workings of the world around you. I think that is why so many interesting artists have come from there, they are free to explore anything that speaks to their heart.