Bali Compassion Project – Written by Verona (age 9)

Visiting a Compassion Center

Hi, my name is Verona and I can’t believe I made 150 friends in one hour! (Say what now?!) You’re probably wondering how I made that many friends in one hour. Well, if you want to hear the story then go ahead and keep reading!! So the story starts when me and my family went to go visit a Compassion center where people help poor kids in need. My grandpa, or as I say ‘gramps’, works at a Compassion center in Colorado Springs. The Compassion center me and my family went to is in Bali.

Teaching Kung Fu

The kids there were very excited to meet us and have us as visitors because we were their first visitors for their whole year. My mom told me to teach them some kung fu. I taught them 5 moves and most of the form that’s called Tan Tui. The 5 moves I showed them are called the ‘sweep’, the second one is call ‘horse’, the third one is called a ‘side kick’ and the fourth one is called ‘pu bu’ (go ahead, laugh at the name but not too much). Last but not least the fifth one is called, sorry I forgot it’s name but I know it’s some kind of kick. Then some of the kids there knew some karate and they taught me what they knew.

Just a heads up, we’re getting to the part where I make very countless friends.

After they taught me some karate the host asked my mom “what else do you have to teach?” Then my mom answered “um, well, I could maybe teach them the song Jesus loves me but in English?” “Ok” replied the host. Them my mom walked up on stage and then the host gave her the microphone and she started to sing, “yes, Jesus love me yes Jesus loves me and the bible tells me so.”

Fun Festival

When she was done singing the song everyone went to a fun festival. Some kids had to stay because they were writing letters to their Compassion sponsors to send to the Compassion center that my grandpa works at. If they finished it before we got back, they got to go to the festival too.

Sorry to interrupt the story but just to warn you, we’re at the part where I make 150 friends or more!

So on our way to the festival there were a very nice group of girls who protected me from the crazy traffic while crossing the street on our way. They were trying to ask me my name and I was amazed by how good they could speak their english.

Then we were at the festival and there was a giant fun Sponge Bob bounce house and they tried their best to ask me if I wanted to go to the bouncy house and I nodded my head yes and they took me over to the line. We took off our shoes and after waiting in line we went in the bouncy house and had a lot of fun. The group of girls all wanted to jump with me!

After that we went back to the Compassion center and everyone went home with their moms and dads and the the hosts of the Compassion center invited us to have dinner with them. The food was amazing and something new I have never tried. Because I loved some of the food they gave me, they gave us more to take home. Then we drove to our house on our motor bikes.

New Friends

Even though my new friends come from very poor families they are very happy, kind and friendly. I hope that someday you can visit a Compassion center to see for yourself. I hope you can teach the kids some things and maybe they will teach you some good things too.

Thank you so much for reading!

Peace out,