Beautiful Bali

Bali easily became one of our favorite places. Living in a private villa with a pool, driving motorbikes through endless rice paddies or down to the beach to catch the sunset; it was no wonder we easily fell in love with our new home. With endless options for healthy eating, amazing coffee, beautiful scenery and the contagious kindness of the Balinese people, our one month felt too short.

Bali is diverse and fun to explore. We visited other areas like the jungles in Ubud, the bustling city of Denpasar, and the cliffs in Uluwatu but at the end of the day we preferred our little corner in Canggu. Our daily rhythm was a mix of schooling, work, pool, exploring, and a daily walk around our neighborhood. Because our villa was located outside of proper Canggu, we were the only white family in the area. We were able to escape the busy bustle of tourists to retreat to our little villa. We even had a street dog pup adopt us as it’s family who eagerly awaited us to show up for our daily walk.

Our love for Bali wouldn’t be complete without the friends we made. The Balinese have a contagious smile and positive outlook on life. They have every right to be upset at how foreigners have plundered their land but they stay resilient, optimistic and kind.

What we learned during our time in Bali:


I was shocked to see a significant generational divide between the type of work locals were doing; the older generation working as rice farmers to the younger generation making latte’s in upscale coffee shops. It was uncommon to see a young person working the rice farms because they all fled to the cities in pursuit of better opportunities. It left me curious to what will happen when no one is left wanting to work in the rice fields.


I learned how to ride a motorbike! There are no traffic laws so it was a sink or swim learning experience for me. It took me a few tries and the locals rolling their eyes at me, but I eventually figured out how to join the sea of tin flowing in every direction. I love riding motorbikes and will never forget the feeling of pure adventure and freedom as we explored the back roads and endless rice paddies.


I learned that the people are nice and the food is amazing! The banana flour is gluten free and even better than real flour. I learned that it is so much fun riding on motorbikes. The location of Bali is really nice, they have beaches, nice weather, and great food.


I discovered something called Banana Flour! It’s gluten free and AMAZING! I could have all kinds of pastries that I couldn’t have before. It taste just like normal flour but better and healthier for you. The people in Bali were very, very nice. They always smiled. Another thing I learned is that riding on a motorbike is lot’s of fun! I even saw a family of six on one motorbike! I really liked catching geckos every night with my dad, we even had a large tokay gecko living behind our fridge!

Pics coming soon…