Street Art Hunting in Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia has a unique blend of architecture, street art, and cultures. We spent most of our time in the capital of George Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It was easy to get lost in its maze of unique heritage houses and urban art.

The entire city of George Town is a gallery for street art done in different sizes and styles. It was interesting to see all the art contrasted against the pre-war heritage houses. We spent a lot of time as a family on a fun treasure hunt looking for artworks tucked away in alley ways and behind buildings.

One thing that stuck out was the cultural diversity. For the past 500 years, Penang was an important trading hub for the Middle East, India, Europe and China. In one day we would hear the call to prayer, walk past Indian markets and eat Chinese soup for dinner. This multicultural heritage is unlike anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

What we learned during our time in Penang:



Not only is Malaysia diverse in cultures, it’s one of the most bio diverse places in the world. Lush vegetation can be found everywhere and there are all types of unique animals. We enjoyed seeing monkey’s at the park and visiting the huge butterfly pavilion.



I was surprised that there are Indians in Malaysia. There’s a whole section where they have their shops and music playing loudly. It was also interesting to hear the muslim call to prayer wherever we were. I liked exploring the streets to find creative artwork.

Pics coming soon…