Visiting an Elephant Sanctuary

Hi my name is Leilana Althoff. I am 12 years old and visited an elephant sanctuary with my family in northern Thailand near Chiang Mai. This is an article about why we should be helping out our friend, the Asian elephant.

Asian elephants are endangered

If you didn’t already know, Asian elephants are endangered. For the last one hundred years, 80% of Asian elephants are gone forever. In the last ten years 8,000 Asian elephants have been slaughtered by hunters, tradesmen, and even locals making souvenirs out of their tusks. Due to all of this human greed, Asian elephants are barely surviving in the wild. The elephants that are not enslaved live in small elephant sanctuaries that try to help them be as free as possible. Many of them have been rescued from abuse and hard lives.

How to help

We can help these amazing creatures by visiting and supporting an elephant sanctuary like my family and I did when we were in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During our visit, we made their food, fed them, gave them a mud bath, played with them in the water and even took them for a jungle walk. We spent our money to help support a sanctuary instead of supporting tourist businesses to ride an elephant.

Some cool facts about Asian elephants:

Did you know that elephants can jump?! And that they walk on their toes, not their foot. The scientific name for elephant is Elephas Maximus. Elephants are smart, they are one of the few living creatures that can recognize themselves in the mirror!

These Asian elephants are more than just animals, they are our friends and always will be. Please help the Asian elephants.

Thank you for reading!

Leilana Joy